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Quality Control

Quality Control is an integral part of day-to-day operations and Macro recognizes the importance of assuring quality in every project. Macro ensures that each project meets all applicable regulatory standards. Through extensive review and control of all design documentation, they guarantee all operations are completed in accordance with applicable code requirements and owner specifications.

Macro has an established Quality Management System that is routinely updated to meet the requirements of all applicable Codes, Acts and Provincial/ Federal Regulations and also ensures that project specifications are adapted to each client.

Macro’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) employees enforce the highest level of Quality Control standards.


Quality Personnel

Management and Quality Personnel have well defined roles and responsibilities and the necessary resources and problem solving capabilities to be successful.

Macro has developed a qualified team that is committed to ensuring compliance with overall project requirements. Through the day–to-day surveillance and formal inspections of designs and codes they are able to reduce errors in construction activities.


Quality Control Procedures and Programs

Macro has implemented Quality Control procedures that are aligned with Macro’s Health and Safety Program to ensure that technical data that is relevant to applicable code requirements and jurisdiction regulations are included.

Macro’s established welding program and available resources are updated regularly to meet industry demands.